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petition to rename the earth ‘punishment orb’


dunmer or khajiit?

Khajiit are one of the beast races which inhabit the continent of Tamriel, primarily their home province of Elsweyr. They are well known for their intelligence and agility. While these traits make them superb thieves and acrobats, Khajiit are also fearsome warriors. Although they rarely take to the sea, the prospect of trade and shipping skooma does draw some to work as sailors. The kingdoms of Khajiit existed long before recorded history. Elsweyr consisted of 16 kingdoms and about 20 different types of  Khajiit early in the First Era, which were a model of cooperative specialization and harmony compared to other races of the time. Khajiit are each subtly bound to the Lunar Lattice, a mysterious force entitled ”ja’Kha’jay” in their native tongue. It determines the form a Khajiit assumes in life, according to the phases of the moons Masser and Secunda at the time of their birth.

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Make me choose: Mojave Wasteland or Capital Wasteland
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touch me again and you’ve signed your own death warrant, because i’ll kill you myself, just as surely as night follows day.

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not all men

are as addicted to carpet as i am. i rub different textures of carpet all over my body. i smell the fresh new carpet smell and feel myself get excited. i work day and night to collect different types of carpet from wherever i am. i sleep with a carpet pillow i have made by hand. i wrap myself in a cocoon of carpet and feel myself merge into the fabric, becoming one…  

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..: confirm psychological profile 


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me x you = gay²

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"Mary Belle and the Mermaid" by Leo and Diane Dillon

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"I’ve stopped being sorry for all my soft. I won’t apologise because I miss you, or because I said it, or because I text you first, or again. I think everyone spends too much time trying to close themselves off. I don’t want to be cool or indifferent, I want to be honest. If I love you at 5AM, I’d damn well rather that you know I felt it. If I love you two hours later, I’ll tell you then too. Listen, I won’t wait double the time it takes for you to text me back because I don’t want to. I don’t care enough to be patient with you. I’m happy, you made me feel that way, don’t you want to know? So that’s how it’s going to be. I’m going to leave myself as open as a church door. And I’m going to wake you up before the crack of dawn to tell you that I’m fucking joyful, no pretending, not from me, not ever. Would you like some coffee, would you please kiss me? Here, these are my hands, this is my mouth, it is all yours."

Azra.T “Don’t Wait Three Days to Text First.”  (via 5000letters)
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